Le Xbox Live est-il en panne? Des utilisateurs signalent une panne généralisée le 15 mars | Dexerto.com

Xbox Live users and players in games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Rocket League, Apex Legends and more have all reported a widespread outage preventing them from logging into the network on March 15.

A simple search of “Xbox Live” on Twitter shows the site filled with tweets of frustration about the service being down or inaccessible for thousands of people.

The official Xbox Support Twitter updated players and said that they were “currently investigating” the issues being reported, but didn’t provide a time frame for any possible fix.

Outage reports for the service spiked in the afternoon of March 15 according to downdetector.com, with over 65,000 users reporting issues of not being able to play their online games.


The official Rocket League Twitter account even warned fans that Xbox Live was “experiencing a service outage” so players would be unable to connect and play the online game.

Fortnite also advised Xbox players that there were issues “affecting player log-ins and purchases,” but they also didn’t seem to have any idea how long the outage could persist for, either.

With a lot of people staying home due to worries about the coronavirus, there might not be a more unfortunate time for the Xbox Live servers to go down like this.

Plenty of people were understandably upset and frustrated about the situation, with some users reporting it was the second time in as many days the servers had been freaking out and they’d been unable to play.

While the service has been down, Xbox players with nothing else to do with their time have kept themselves busy by making jokes poking fun at Microsoft and the situation they’ve found themselves in.

They might not bring services back online any faster, but they do lessen the pain of not being able to grind your favorite game when there’s literally nothing else to do.

At the time of writing, Xbox Live still appears to be down and experiencing problems, but we’ll update this article as more information becomes available on a timeframe and a solution to the issue.

More updates to follow, article is currently being updated…


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