L'informatique quantique, l'IA, la Chine et les synthétiques mis en évidence dans le rapport 2020 Tech Trends

The world’s tech industry will be shaped by China, artificial intelligence, cancel culture, and a number of other trends, according to the Future Today Institute’s 2020 Tech Trends Report.

Now in its 13th year, the document is put together by the Future Today Institute and director Amy Webb, who is also a professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business. The report attempts to recognize connections between tech and future uncertainties like the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, as well as the spread of epidemics like coronavirus.

Among major trends in the report, 2020 will be the synthetic decade.

“Soon, we will produce ‘designer’ molecules in a range of host cells on demand and at scale, which will lead to transformational improvements in vaccine production, tissue production and medical treatments. Scientists will start to build entire human chromosomes, and they will design programmable proteins,” the report reads.

Augmentation of senses like hearing and sight, social media scaremongering, new ways to measure trust, and China’s role in the growth of AI are also listed among key takeaways.

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Artificial intelligence is again the first item highlighted on the list, and the tech Webb says is sparking a third wave of computing comes with positives like the role AlphaFold can play in discovering cures to diseases, and negatives like its current impact on the criminal justice system.

Tech giants in the U.S. and China like Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft in the United States and Tencent and Baidu in China continue to deliver the greatest impact. Webb predicts how these companies will shape the world in her 2019 book The Big Nine.

“Those nine companies drive the majority of research, funding, government involvement and consumer-grade applications of AI. University researchers and labs rely on these companies for data, tools and funding,” the report reads. ” Big Nine A.I. companies also wield huge influence over A.I. mergers and acquisitions, funding A.I. startups and supporting the next generation of developers.”

Synthetic data, a military-tech industrial complex, and systems made to recognize people were also listed among AI trends.

Visit the Future Today Institute website to read the full report, which states whether a trend requires immediate action. Trends by industry are also highlighted.

Webb urges readers to digest the 366-page report in multiple sittings rather than trying to read it all at once. Webb typically debuts the report with a presentation to thousands at the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas but the conference was cancelled due to coronavirus.

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